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Astarte Ventures is the first venture fund dedicated exclusively to the health and wellbeing of women and children, with a primary focus on early intervention and prevention measures. Our investment strategy has a clearly defined core - women ages 25 to 65 with discretionary income - they are the influencers or customers of health-related decisions and care.

Astarte Investment Strategy

Given our unique perspective driven by the fact that females are the primary influencers of health care decision making, we seek investment opportunities that will include products and services that offer women: control over their own and their children’s health and wellbeing; capacity for managing health and wellbeing (time efficiency); and/or convenience in managing their health and wellbeing.

The Astarte Advantage

Astarte Ventures is managed by investors and entrepreneurs who came together around a shared vision of a new venture category and operating model for venture that directly and positively impacts the health management options for women and children. To augment the investment experience of our team, we have recruited an Advisory Board of market leaders in consumer and women's health, life sciences, and pediatric health, who have held positions with Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth, Genentech, Unilever, Disney, American Express, Dannon and Haagen-Dazs.

Tracy Warren

Managing Partner

A serial entrepreneur and early stage investor, driven by her passion for empowering women to better manage their health and creating a lasting impact on the wellbeing of children

Twitter: @TracyAstarte
Linked In: View Profie

Tammi Jantzen

Managing Partner

Kauffman Fellow and finance wiz who has worked alongside both founders and fund managers to structure numerous successful transactions and who has a strong commitment to find, and invest in, companies that help women balance family, health and career.

Twitter: @Jantzentammi
Linked In: View Profie

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Investment Portfolio

The principals of Astarte have invested in these companies which are developing solutions that will dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of women and children.

Optimizing feeding, nutrition and gut health for preterm infants

Connecting patients to meaningful care using AI, focusing on maternity and post partum care

A device that will eradicate maternal death caused by postpartum hemorrhage (PPH)

A non-medication solution to improve night terrors

A non-hormonal device to treat vaginal dryness and atrophy particularly in breast cancer survivors and post-menopausal women

A device that will prevent childbirth-related injuries to women during vaginal delivery

The first digital clinic for women

Precise and accurate core body temperature data that can be communicated directly to a smartphone

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