Building for the Future

At Astarte Ventures, we have a proven track record of helping organizations, institutions, and funds create meaningful impact. With our deep expertise and commitment to driving positive change, we empower our clients to make a difference in their respective fields. From healthcare institutions to investment entities and startups, we partner with diverse stakeholders to achieve transformative outcomes and leave a legacy of success.

John Singer Sargent, “Pagan Gods: Astarte”, 1894, Boston Public Library


Astarte, pronounced “ah staar tee,” embodies the multifaceted essence of love, sex, and war in Phoenician mythology. Her portrayal encompasses both creation and destruction, symbolizing the diverse aspects of human existence. As a maternal figure, she nurtures creation and the abundance of life, while also evoking love and desire through her passionate spirit. In her warrior aspect, she provides strength and protection. A fusion of fertility, femininity, and battle prowess, she encapsulates various dimensions of womanhood.

However, like many formidable women, Astarte is not immune to controversy. In Hebrew scriptures, she is depicted as a villain, her name linked with disdain. Despite this portrayal, we believe that strong women who embrace their passions and stand up for what is just will encounter opposition. We are committed to defending what we hold dear, unafraid to uphold our values and principles, striving to create a better world for all.


Hailing from a small town in Michigan, Tracy Warren harbored ambitions for the fast-paced environment of a big city and the world of high finance since childhood. Pursuing her dreams, she enrolled at NYU and delved into the realm of investment banking at Cowen & Company, specializing in Healthcare M&A. Subsequently, she furthered her education at Columbia Business School, where her passion for investing ignited, leading her to join Early Stage Enterprises (ESE), a regional early-stage venture firm located near Princeton, New Jersey, upon graduation.

The ESE team successfully transitioned their second fund efforts into what later evolved into Battelle Ventures, a noteworthy $220 million single LP fund. Tracy honed her expertise in technology commercialization and healthcare company formation, collaborating closely with esteemed academic institutions and federal laboratories, and facilitating spinouts from Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Tracy’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset led her to establish FedIMPACT, LLC in collaboration with IP Group, plc, to devise a model for identifying, providing early proof of concept funding, and forming companies around technologies sourced from U.S. Department of Energy federal labs. The success and validation of this model culminated in FedIMPACT’s acquisition by IP Group within a mere 18 months.

Following the acquisition, Tracy took the opportunity to reflect on her passions and skill set. Teaming up with her longtime business associate and Kauffman Fellow, Tammi Jantzen, they set out to leverage their collective experience to make strides in the realm of women’s and children’s health. In 2013, they co-founded Astarte Ventures, aiming to pioneer the first investment fund in this sector, albeit ahead of its time. Nonetheless, Astarte Ventures made several angel investments in leading FemTech industry players.

In 2016, Tracy teamed up with her Scientific co-founder, Dr. Katherine Gregory, PhD, RN, to establish Astarte Medical Partners. This precision nutrition company is dedicated to enhancing health outcomes during the critical first 1000 days of life, spanning from conception to age two. Astarte Medical Partners successfully secured over $15 million in funding from prominent investors.

The company’s notable achievement includes assembling the world’s largest preterm infant microbiome dataset. Leveraging advanced AI-models, they aimed to forecast growth failure in this vulnerable demographic, striving to enhance their long-term health prospects.

Today, Astarte Ventures embodies Tracy’s wealth of experience, capitalizing on the extensive network cultivated over two decades of tireless business building and funding. With an unwavering commitment to independence, Astarte Ventures catalyzes organizations seeking to develop, evaluate, and implement innovative programs in healthcare and beyond.

The Why

As a single working mother of three remarkable young individuals, my “Why” is deeply rooted in the challenges and joys of balancing work and family life while raising my children. Each day presents new hurdles to overcome, but I strive to be a role model for my daughters, demonstrating that with determination and focus, one can achieve anything they set their mind to. Similarly, I aim to exemplify the qualities of powerful women for my son, shaping him into a future leader, husband, and father who respects and supports women’s aspirations. I firmly believe in the value of hard work, grit, and perseverance, instilling these virtues in my children by example. Moreover, my ultimate goal is to make a meaningful difference in the world, leaving a positive impact on the lives of others. Alongside this mission, I prioritize travel, making memories, and savoring every moment with my family, cherishing the journey together.

About Us

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Activist Campaigns

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Adversarial Negotiations

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